☝️EP Stars Phase 1

EP Stars: Phase 1

For Phase 1, the distribution of the stars is as follows.



KYC approval

1000 stars

Real estate investment

5 stars per dollar

Dex trade (Coming Soon)

10 stars per dollar


500 stars per referral

(credited after the referred user invests in first property)


100 stars if you use a referral code to sign up

(credited after the investment of min 50 dollars in a real estate listing)

Bonus stars (Daily)


Bonus stars (Monthly)


Bonus Tasks Rewards (Phase 1)

Daily (100 stars on completing all three)

Monthly (5000 stars on completing all three)

Buy a property token

Invest in each listing

Refer 1 friend

Buy property tokens worth 500 USDC

Have at-least $100 in the connected wallet

Refer 20 friends

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