Why do we exist?

We enable people to invest in global real estate and build wealth.

The Problem

Real estate prices have been climbing worldwide for many years. While people in some parts of the developing world are earning more than before, in many developed countries, incomes haven't increased much. This shift has made owning a home much harder for a lot of young people today compared to their parents' generation, turning what was once considered almost a right into something many can only dream of.

In several developing countries, real estate is the main way people save and invest for the future. However, high inflation rates in these places make it hard to know how much their investments will be worth later on, leading to significant financial uncertainty.

Real estate has become a key area where the effects of a country's monetary policy, or the way it manages its money supply and interest rates, are felt by its citizens. Poor monetary policy can make life difficult for people, and often, the impact is seen in the real estate market.

To mitigate these issues could be through transactions that cross country borders, allowing investors to diversify their real estate holdings. However, investors often stick to their local markets due to a lack of transparency and the hurdles involved in investing in foreign real estate, including dealing with different currencies.

This focus on local markets means fewer transactions, leading to a less liquid market - in other words, a market where buying and selling real estate is not as easy or quick. This situation results in resources not being used in the best way possible, loss of potential value for property owners, and high barriers for new buyers wanting to enter the market. Essentially, the real estate market is slow and inefficient, missing out on adding value with every transaction. It's a sector that's ready for change.

The Solution

Tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs) has enabled issuers to bring prime real estate from economically stable countries to simply a click of a button. Estate Protocol tokenizes real estate in booming economies and makes it available on the marketplace for people to invest.

And, being able to purchase a fraction or a token of the whole property helps:

Eliminate the entry barrier of large capital requirements.

Simplifying investing in real estate without the hassle of paperwork.

Increase liquidity which makes it easier to buy, sell or trade property.

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